Nancy Wake - From Women of Resistance

Creator, Executive Producer: Vicki Chelf
Coproducer: Brenda Boone
Choreographer: Tania Vergara Perez
Music Composition, Sound Design and Coproducer: Warren Slim Williams
Interpretation: Natalia Chersia
Voiceover: Seva Anthony
Dialogue, adapted from Nancy Wake’s autobiography and existing videos: Vicki Chelf
Women of Resistance (WOR) celebrates the lives of seven extraordinary women who were instrumental in defeating the Nazis during WWII, as well as contemporary women heroes. It is a project of WOR2WOW Productions, a registered 501c3
Nancy Grace Augusta Wake, (1912 –2011) was the Gestapos most wanted resistance fighter. They dubbed her the "White Mouse” because she was so elusive. She was also the most decorated woman of WWII.
Premier: 03/20/2024
Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center.