Choreography, videos, stanging and costumes: Tania Vergara Perez
Performers: Natalia Chersia, Gianni Salazar and Dairon Batista
Music: Ezio Bosso, Jeno Hubay, Antonin Dvorak, Rafael Hernandez
Lighting design: Monessa Salley
Poster: Guillermo Lopez Gonzalez


Behind the door and inside the house everything looks different, the neighbors spy on each other to entertain their lives with the novel they create about each other. My intention is to reflect an everyday scene of our current world. The need we have to create emotional bonds with the people around us and the inability we often have to open ourselves to healthy relationships. “Neighbors” is a piece where humor, the virtuosity of dance, the interaction with video projections, playing with space and music offer the viewer various emotions for a while.